A School Visit from Singapore

  On Wednesday 27th November 2013, we had a fantastic morning reception for 35 students and staff from Yuhua Secondary School in Singapore. Principal Ho and the Vice Principals gave a warm welcome to both the students and the teachers from Singapore. Student representatives from Singapore were invited to join our morning assembly in the School Hall and gave a presentation about life of Singapore to all our students. Students were thrilled to learn about foreign culture from the overseas students. Some primary-one students joined the question and answering session during the presentation.

  The visitors were invited to attend a P.6 English lesson in the ITLC Room and an Arts Activity Session in the School Hall. The overseas students joined in the group discussion session with our students during the lessons. Both our students and the overseas students exchanged ideas and shared thoughts on the designated topics which provided a valuable opportunity to develop students’ global perspectives.

  Before the Campus Tour, teachers discussed some topics with the overseas teachers, including the school-based self-directed learning and the e-learning programmes. Then, the visitors were given a Campus Tour around our school and they visited some places including the Computer Room, the E-learning cruise, the Reading Café, the School Canteen, the Campus TV and the School Library. Finally, the overseas students were invited to take part in our Campus TV and student representatives from our school conducted an interview with the visitors.

  Students were inspired by the experience. We are grateful that the school visit has helped to develop students’ global perspectives and enhance their international knowledge.